How to Summon Bloody Mary

Legend of Bloody Mary goes back nearly a thousand years ago, but did not become known to the mainstream until the late seventies of the twentieth century – at that time, editors of several newspapers came up with the story of the bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary is the spirit of reportedly an evil witch, which was sentenced to be burned at the stake for using dark magic. According to the legend, a Mary named women lived in a village near the state of Pennsylvania. She lived in an old wooden house and earned her living by collecting medicinal herbs and plants, and putting them on sale.

In the county, everyone believed that she was a witch. So, she was ultimately given the nickname of “Bloody Mary”. People called her a witch because she began to look younger and more attractive despite her growing age and the fact that few girls disappeared in the vicinity of her home.

However, people failed to get any evidence of her guilt, until a farmer found out his lost young girl with Mary. The person was accompanied by other villagers  in the search of her young daughter since he was a respected man. They found out the girl after scouring the area for several hours. People found out that the girl was directed to a bright light, coming out from the hands of the very same witch.

Seeing a crowd of peasants, bloody Mary went on the run, but one of the men shot her and she fell to the ground. The witch was tied, nailed to a tree and later burned. Before dying, she cursed the people that anyone who stands in front of a mirror and clearly calls her three times will be brutally murdered by a vengeful spirit.


  • 1

    The first thing to do is to enter the bathroom because this room usually has a mirror. You can also stand in front of a dressing table.

  • 2

    Now clearly summon “Bloody Mary” three times in a loud and definitive voice.

  • 3

    The third and the most important step is to draw traditional pentagram, star in the circle, on the mirror and to perform this step, you only have about 35 seconds and no more. If you do not complete it in time, nothing will happen.

  • 4

    If you're terribly afraid then draw a pentagram on your left cheek because it is believed that bloody Mary cannot touch you if you have pentagram on your face.

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