How to Take an Epsom Salt Bath

Raise your hand if the following description matches what goes on in your head when someone mentions taking an Epsom salt bath;

A middle-aged mother of 3 who takes a bath at time herself to enjoy the bit of peace and quiet her hectic life allows her.

Taking an Epsom salt bath could probably be of even greater benefit a body builder or MMA fighter than it would be to Sandra Suburbia? The truth is that these baths have tremendous health benefits.

The main ingredients found in the salts is Magnesium, which is essential to the body and helps with sore and aching muscles. These baths provide a fantastic way to relax, recover, get smooth glowing skin and sleep like a baby.

1 to 2 cups of Epsom salt


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    Buy the Salts

    Epsom salts can be purchased at your local pharmacy, drug store or grocery store. They are cost effective and come in large quantities.

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    Run the Bath

    When the time comes for your bath, run the water and create a warm to hot bath. Some people prefer and can tolerate hotter water than others. Run the bath to a water temperature that is agreeable to you. Be sure to apply the drain stopper to allow the water to collect.

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    Add the Salts

    Once the tub is filled to an acceptable level (allowing you to soak in the tub without dispelling water out of it) turn off the faucet.

    Add 1-2 cups of Epsom salts to the bath, depending on the size of the bath tub and amount of water. These salts will dissolve rather easily creating a bath water that is wonderful for your health.

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    Soak in the salt bath for 20 minutes. Feel free to relax, breathe deep and enjoy the overall process.

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    Shower (Optional)

    Once you are done with the bath, you have the option of showering, or towelling off until you are dry.

    Many people like to shower after an Epsom salt bath in order to rinse their bodies. It is suggested that the shower be lukewarm to cooler water as this provides a refreshing sensation and helps circulation and alertness.

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