How to Take Out a Patent

You may have come across the idea of getting a patent for the protection of your ideas and inventions. This is the safest way to earn exclusive rights over your concept, where no is allowed to make, use or sell your design for the next 20 years. While this may seem like an easy decision, it is important to consider the true reliability of your idea first before deciding to get a patent on it due to the high cost associated with the filing process.


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    First of all you need to make certain that your invention is original.  Ensure that the idea is not used anywhere else, because if it is, you are attracting unwanted attention from all angles, where the rightful owners of that license may sue you. This task holds as much importance as the patent process itself, because you may need to prove that the concept is totally yours and nothing identifiable exits. Visit the U.S Patent and Trademark Office to freely research.

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    Viable Business Idea

    While your idea may be great, you need to look at it in a commercial context, and decide whether it is worth pursuing. Make sure that the idea is tested, looked at and tapped into before you decide to begin the legal process.

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    Hire an attorney

    Contact an attorney who is a specialist in the field.  Make sure to document your idea, as it must have a physical presence with every aspect of it covered in writing. This will ensure that no duplicate can be made and the invention is authentic.

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    File it

    Carry on the necessary application work and file it to the Patent office. Don’t forget that the process is time consuming, where the patent office will want you to describe your inventions and guarantee on oath that the idea is yours. An initial fee will be charged somewhere in the region of $400, before the patent office reviews your application.

    You may further get the patent nationally or globally, fees for which will vary accordingly.

    A prosecution phase then kicks off and if successful you are issued a Notice of Allowance. You will be charged almost $700 during this process. After that, you will be required to pay maintenance fees after every two years.

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