How to Teach a Child to Water Ski

A sport in which a person is pulled behind a boat in water, while skimming the surface is called water skiing. Apart from muscular endurance and the ability to balance your body properly, you need to have immense upper and lower body strength, to be able to become a successful water skier, which is the reason why it is considered to be one of the most difficult sports to learn and master. A child needs to be extremely determined and physically strong to be able to learn how to water ski.

Things Required:

– Water Skis
– Rope
– Handles
– Orange flag


  • 1

    Purchase skis for children

    While teaching water skiing to children, many people make the huge mistake of asking a child to ski with over-sized skis. In such a scenario, it becomes increasingly difficult for a child to learn the sport effectively. Therefore, it is imperative that you purchase skis according to the size of the child. Skis, which possess a metal loop on each, are considered to be the best for children. Such skis come with a rope, which is specially designed for beginners.

  • 2

    Fit the skis

    Fit the skis to the child so that they are snug. However, be a little careful and make sure that they are not painful. In order to allow the child to get used to wearing the skis, let him or her wear them on dry land first.

  • 3

    Life jacket

    Make sure that that the child is wearing a life jacket before getting into the water. Apart from that, a trusted mentor or a parent should be there to accompany the child.

  • 4


    Make the child hold on to the ski rope with both hands, with his or her elbows slightly bent. The child should be mentally prepared that the boat is going to pull them hard and they should not allow their arms to get out of the sockets. Children should be told that they need to assume a sitting position in water and the life jacket will keep them afloat.

  • 5

    Decide code words

    Before you start the boat, it is important to discuss a few code words with the child which can be easily communicated. Code words should be like ‘OK’ as a green signal and ‘stop’, if the child faces any problem during water skiing. Different coloured flags can also be used to communicate signals.

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