How to Teach Children Table Manners

For how long have you been grounding your little one for not behaving on a dining table? Nagging and coercion will never bring that social grace during meals. Children need care and sometimes more attention which is why they start doing very weird gestures again and again and specially while having meals for example they may start making sounds of burping or slurping. Scolding them badly or embarrassing them in front of others will never make them learn anything in life. To bring a real improvement in their mannerism and specially table mannerism, teach them with love and affection. However you can always inform them about the consequences of getting out of control in your own way. Give them some token of appreciation for pointing out those (including themselves) who are not following table manners at all and see real improvement in them.


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    Manners to be Followed Before the Meal is Served:

    Firstly make them learn not to be seated before the head of the family has taken the seat. Teach them to drag chair in a soundless way and be seated with a straight and decent posture on the dinning table with hands washed and elbows off from the table. They should spread the napkin on their lap and around the neck before getting started.

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    How to Behave When the Meal is Served:

    Teach them not to make faces or pass bad comments if the food served is not of their choice, and there should be no reachings for the distant dishes and for this they should ask someone sitting closer to pass on the food. Teach them to be gracious and be thankful.

    Tell them not to spread food on the table while filling it in their plates or ask someone to do it for them.

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    Silverware Mannerism:

    Another important thing to teach your little one is the right use of cutlery. Tell them to hold back the food with a fork in the left hand and slice with the knife by holding it in the right hand. Also tell them to hold spoon as well as a glass of water with the right hand.

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    More On Table Manners:

    Teach the child that there should be no sound coming out from the mouth while eating and they should eat with mouth closed. And no sound of burping and no sound of slurping is allowed! If they feel making a spontaneous sound then it should be followed with an excuse. Moreover they should not heap up a lot of food in their bowls or plates at one time. Teach them that they should fill their bowls or plates with food in chunks. Another important thing is to prevent them from stuffing a lot of food in their mouth at a time. Talking while chewing food isn't a good habit either!

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    How to End the Meal:

    Teach them not to leave before the head of the family leaves. Make them learn to finish their food and say thank you before leaving their seat. Also throwing the napkin away or in the plate is also an ill mannered gesture and gives an impression as if someone is trying to run away as if running from something gross,  therefore teach them to slightly fold the napkin and put it aside the plate before leaving.

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