How to Teach Fractions with an Apple Pie

Mathematics or Algebra has numerous applications in the field of engineering and physical sciences. If you are expecting your child to become an engineer or a scientist then you should be prepared to teach him basic mathematics when he/she is young. Using an apple pie to teach fractions to kids is a very popular technique. Kids love this type of associative study.

Consider following some simple tips and instructions detailed below to teach fractions to your child with the help of an apple pie.

Things Required:

– Dry erase board
– Pens for dry erase board
– Whole Pie
– Pie cutter
– Serving plates


  • 1

    Time to build your child’s favourite apple pie:

    Buy your child's favourite apple pie. Show your child the pie, and ask them how many pies there are. When he/she tells you there is one, draw the number one, on the dry erase board.

  • 2

    Ask your child for suggestions:

    Ask your child how you should cut the pie in half. See if they understand what half of a pie is. When you come to an agreement on what a half is, cut the pie in half. Explain to them, that each time you cut the pie into pieces, you will be cutting it into equal pieces, to illustrate fractions.

    And, that at the end of the demonstration, they can eat some pie.

  • 3

    Train your child:

    On the dry erase board, have your child write "1/2". Then ask them how many "1/2" make up the one pie. Now cut the halves in half, creating four equal pieces of pie. Explain to your child those are a quarter of the whole pie. Have your child draw "1/4" on the board.

  • 4

    Discuss options with your child:

    Have a discussion about how many "1/4" pieces make up the half piece. You can show them how you can write "2/4" to represent two quarter pieces of pie. Have them write 2/4" on the board.

  • 5

    Teach him/her some basic maths:

    Point out to your child how the "2/4" means the same thing as "1/2" of the pie.

  • 6

    Repeat the exercise to ensure quick results:

    If your child is not getting restless, continue on, cutting the pie once more, creating 8 equal pieces. Let your child touch the pie and together make fractions using the pie pieces. Ask the child to write the corresponding fractions on the board.

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