How to Teach your Baby to Walk

Nothing can be more frustrating than the news that a baby of your friend started to walk at 7 or 8 months and your baby of same age group is yet not interested to take his or her first step. Of course the developmental stages vary from baby to baby, but majority of babies start walking at the age of around 9 to 18 months. So you cannot take the uninterested or dull attitude of your kid easily. Panicking or getting the situation into your nerves is not the solution as there are many ideas to teach your baby to walk, which are not only simple but very useful as well.


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    Follow the systematic order

    Directly starting to teach your baby to walk is not the suggested idea as crawling is the first stage towards walking. Therefore, first teach your child to crawl as it helps him or her in holding their self in a proper position and to lunge a small pushup or sitting position.

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    Work on your baby’s legs

    Work on the legs of your child before teaching him or her to walk. Massage the legs of your baby with baby oils or the essential oils. Moreover, help him or her in simple leg exercise like kicking their legs, hold their self under the arms, and letting them semi-supporting their self with legs. Make sure not to make the exercises strenuous for your kid as two or three 10-minute sessions every day will be enough.

    Note: Be very careful during the baby exercises as it can cause unneeded strain on their legs.

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    Bring in the walker for your baby

    Once your baby is able to crawl and sit upright without anyone’s help, it is a clear sign to bring in a cute walker for him or her. Now this magical device can do wonders; it will assist your baby to place both of their feet at ground and to walk by pressing his or her legs upward in a “hopping” style.

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    Bring some chairs into action

    Line some small chairs in a row against the wall and place your baby’s favorite toy at the top of the very last chair. Now, help your baby to hold onto the chairs in a row to reach the toy at the end.

    Note: Make sure that the chairs are filmy secured against the wall.

  • 5

    It is your turn

    The other way to teach your baby to walk is hold him or her by their hands and to make them walk forward, walking behind them. Your hand around your baby gives them a courage and support that you are there to grab him or her when they are about to fall down on their struggle to take their initial steps.

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    It is baby’s turn

    Once you find your baby standing up without anyone’s support, take him or her final test on a smooth surface.  Place the favorite toy or a bowl of your kid’s favorite food at a medium distance in from of them and ask him or her to get there by their self. However make sure to walk behind your kid on their way to the item.

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    Always encourage you baby

    Teaching your baby to walk is no doubt very demanding activity that is a real test of your patience level. All of the above mentioned tactics will be useless until you encourage your baby in his or her every single attempt. You support and encouragement gives them the strength to take their first step.

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    Now hug and Congrate your baby on taking his or her first step of life. Do not forget to capture this memorable moment of your baby in camera. Have a happy life, enjoy!

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