How to Teach Your Child to Crawl

Crawling is one among the most memorable memories of a child and his or her parent’s life. Every parents love to see their cute babies crawling towards them or their favorite toys. Crawling at the ages of 7 to 11 months is a sign of healthy baby. It is a natural process and most of the kids figure it out their selves in their own time. However, some children take time to crawl. Rather than worrying about the laziness of your child, isn’t it better to get an idea that how to teach your children to crawl? It is such simple process to get your child on his or her knees. This simple guide of step by step might be the best solution to teach your child to crawl. Go through it, follow it in real life, and do not forget to capture the heart-touching memories of your child:


  • 1

    Provide your child with an inviting space on the floor

    First of all make arrangements to create a welcoming and relaxed space for your child. You can think of laying out a soothing and comfortable blanket or a mattress on the carpet. It is even better if your select a funky blanket with some bright colors combination to make it attractive towards your baby. Now, place your cute baby on his or her tummy right in the center of the blanket and arrange some attention grabbing toys around him or her.

  • 2

    Give your children time on their stomach

    Once you provide your baby with a smooth surface, make sure to give him or her enough time on their stomach as it is the only way to help them develop stronger muscles at their back. This simple activity will automatically give your child the strength to use his or her muscles in order to pull up their selves and to hold their knees under themselves.

  • 3

    Spend time with your child

    Make sure to spend enough time with your baby to closely monitor his or her activities during crawling. Help them balance their body while trying to pull up themselves. Place baby's belly down on the comfortable space on the floor and play with him or her. Sit right in front of your baby and talk to him or her. Then start crawling along with your baby to encourage him or her to copy your movements.

  • 4

    Roll a towel up

    Grab a large size towel and roll it up properly. Now place it under the upper of your baby with his or her arms hanging right in front and the elbow touching the surface of the carpet, mattress or blanket. Make sure that your child is able to see the carpet with a comfortable pose.

  • 5

    Hold your baby from elbow

    Hold your baby from elbow, keeping him or her close to your body. Moreover, twist a towel and wrap it around your baby, giving it a "U" shape. Now, use both of your hands to carefully and gently lift the towel along with the baby. This simple exercise helps your kid to support his or her weight.

  • 6

    Continue hard work

    Repeat all the suggested ideas until your child gets into an airplane position with his or her legs and arms straight out. This is your kid's first major improvement towards crawling.

  • 7

    Get help from your kid's toys

    Place one of the favorite toys or food items of your baby farther and farther away from him or her. There is no need to show any soft corner during your baby's struggle to find his or her way to their favorite toy or food. This simple activity is helpful in further strengthening the muscles that your baby will need to crawl.

  • 8

    Place the toys at the corner

    This time increase the distance of your kid's favorite toy or food item and place it at the corner of the carpet, blanket or mattress. Make sure that there is nothing hard on the way of your baby to the toy or food that can injure him or her. Now, sit aside and enjoy your baby struggling and finally making his or her way to their favorite item by crawling. Grab your baby, hug him or her and congratulate on their successful crawling. It will boost your kid's will power and more crawling.

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