How to Teach your Child to Spell

Being parents you are the first teacher of your child. So it is one among the major responsibilities on your shoulders to teach them to spell correctly. It is always better to commence early learning with your child so that they can compete with other students when they enter into the school life. Proficiency in spelling not only helps your children during the educational career but in the practical life and professional career as well. However, make sure to carry out the activity of teaching the spelling in a friendly environment so that the kids can enjoy it until you get the desired results.


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    Work on the sounds of the letter

    The very first thing you have to do is, help your children to correctly pronounce the letters of the English alphabets. This simple activity forms the strong base of your child and helps him or her in pronouncing the various words correctly.

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    Provide your kids with reading materials

    The sole purpose of providing your children with all the useful reading materials is to help them to learn how to read correctly. Children who read a lot are always better in learning the spellings than the kids who are poor readers. Everyday reading habit will help the children to memorize various words, which in return help them greatly in their spellings. The different words that your children learn on daily basis improve their vocabulary treasure.

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    Read the words to your kids

    Children cannot read or pronounce the new words themselves. Therefore, it is better to read the various words along with your children so that they can correctly pronounce and spell the words.

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    Let your children read and spell the words orally

    Help your children to read and spell the various words orally, feeding them into their mind. The more your child learn words orally, the bright are the chances of becoming an efficient speller. This activity at times becomes boring activity, so it better to make it fun by introducing new concepts.

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    Introduce Flash cards

    Children love to learn through flash cards. You can use the store-bought flash cards or can make your own ones at home. Make new flash cards every day or week and introduce new words every time.

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    Sing songs with your child

    Join your child in singing songs that include spellings. Get help from the various “Spelling Songs” like “B-I-N-G-O" etc.

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    Let your child watch Cartoons

    As you know cartoons are Kids’ favorite. So take advantage of it and ask your children to watch such cartoons which contain spelling practice activities. For example, “Dora, the Explorer” always come up with many magical and fun spelling activities. Ask your children to repeat various words along with Dora. In addition to that, the “Sesame Street” and “Wheel of Fortune” etc are also functional to teach your children learn how to spell.

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    Cross-word puzzles are useful

    Cross-word puzzles are also useful materials for your children if you really want them to become expert in spelling words. It is fun activity and a useful method to teach your children to spell in a friendly environment.

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    It is scrabble time

    It is another constructive method to help your children to spell words in the approved manner. It is an “Educational Board Game” that helps the children spells numerous words using tiles. You can consider scrabble games, scrabble board, scrabble words, scrabble tiles and scrabble letters etc.

  • 10

    Dictation works

    Dictation really helps in improving and polishing the spelling skills of your child. During the early days of this activity, try to give them few simple words. Increase the number and nature of words with the passage of time. Make sure to take the tests on daily basis and ask your children to re-write the mistakes few times until they learn the spelling correctly. Once your child is able to spell words, give them some paragraph for dictation that is another fruitful activity.

  • 11

    Reward the child

    Last but not the least; encourage and appreciate your child while teaching him or her to spell properly. Some of the children learn spelling within no time but some of them take time. It is not the fault of the child as it is a natural process. However, your friendly attitude and encouragement can play vital role in boosting their interest in learning spellings and enhancing their vocabulary. Moreover, the above mentioned methods are the simple but effective tools to achieve the desired results. Happy Spelling!

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