How to Tease Scene Hair for Guys

Gone are the days when only women went to beauty salons to get their hair right. Nowadays, men are also equally careful about how they look. Guys tend to change their hairstyle every now and then to remain updated to the new trends.

Teasing your hair in the Scene Way can be easily performed at home and you do not need to visit the best hairdresser in town. You just need a teaser comb and a hairspray to get this right. Within a matter of 30 minutes, you can get the desired hairstyle you require.


  • 1

    Gather all the items and wash your hair

    The first thing you need to do is to gather all the items required for the process. The main things you would need to tease your hair the scene way include teasing comb, hairspray and a brush. You may also require clips during the teasing process to make things convenient. Next you need to shampoo your hair and dry them with a towel. Make sure they are not completely dry as that would make the texture of hair rough.

  • 2

    Separate the area that you need to tease

    You need to separate the area that you want to tease. Use clips to tie the section that you do not want to tease.

  • 3

    Divide the area into small sections

    It is important to divide the hair you want to tease in small sections so that the process can be applied on each section one by one.

  • 4

    Tease each section one by one and use hairspray

    Hold one section of hair and lift the hair upwards. Now use the teaser comb on the section in a downward and upward motion. Repeat the motion until the hair is properly teased. When you are done with teasing the first section, use hairspray so that it holds the hair properly. Repeat the procedure on all the sections.

  • 5

    Use brush on the teased hair

    When you are done teasing all the divisions, use a hair brush to make the desired style and in the direction you want it in. It is good to use the brush gently so that the teased hairs remain in their shape.

  • 6

    Use hairspray for hold and shine

    To give your hair a nice hold and shine, use the hairspray again when you are done with styling. This will make sure that your hairstyle remains in the same shape for a longer period of time.

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