How to Tell Fortunes With Playing Cards

A lot of people would love to tell fortunes with playing cards as it is very interesting. There is an old tradition of using cards to perform readings. Be aware of the fact that the 52 card deck initially originated from the 78 card tarot deck and it can be used for similar things. There is a tremendous amount of information but you can start off slowly. Make sure you understand that learning to tell fortunes is a tough process and you do not require learning it in a hurry. There are several ways to read cards that can help you impress anyone.

Things Required:

– Deck of playing cards


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    Getting started

    First, divide the deck so that you only have a stack of 32 cards consisting of sevens, eights, nines, tens, jacks, queens, kings and aces. Carefully analyse the question or situation that you are thinking about. Then mix the deck, put it upside down and separate it into three piles. After that, turn every pile face up. The left card is the background or history of your question. The middle card is the present situation and the last card is the future of the situation if things stay as they were before. On the other hand, you can turn additional cards over to get more details, three below and three above for a total of nine. Moreover, you can make use of traditional tarot layouts such as the Celtic cross or you can also make up your own layout.

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    Card setting

    You should see the cards as a road map displaying the way you are headed at the moment. The vital thing to know is that you are free to choose and can make necessary changes at any point in time.

    Be aware that hearts are cards that show emotions, feelings and situations.

    Diamonds are cards of money and fame. They also show freedom and security from financial issues.

    Clubs are the symbols of communication like email, letters or phone calls.

    Spades are cards of gravity and location.

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    Further instructions

    Understand that sevens are time cards and every seven shows one point of time, a day, a week, a month or even a year. It represents the area of your life under discussion. Furthermore, eights are cards that tell movement and change. The more eights there are, the more changes. Tens are cards of travel. The ten of hearts suggest an occasion. Jacks suggest a person you have not met in a long time, etc. It takes longer if you have multiple jacks. Queens are denoted for rumours. All queens are women of different backgrounds. Kings are cards for legal papers such as a traffic ticket or an agreement. Lastly, aces represent choices. Know that ace of spades is not necessarily a bad card. A definitive change in your mind is represented by multiple nines. These changes are considered to be easy to take care of if red cards dominate black ones. The strongest card is considered to be the nine of hearts as it represents wishes or desires. If you are going to get some type of news or information then the nine of clubs is represented. Disagreements are usually represented by the nine of spades and if you have a surprise coming then the nine of diamonds is the card that shows this.

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