How to Tie a Cherry Stem With Your Tongue

There are some mythical abilities that some are able to perform and win the hearts of others when it comes to cherry stems. Having the ability to tie them with your tongue is one trick surely to wow and amaze the people around you.

Tying cherry stems with your tongue is definitely not something that can be learned in a couple of minutes but requires time and a lot of effort to perfect. Following some easy steps can help you learn how to tie a cherry stem with your tongue.

Things Required:

– A couple of cherries


  • 1

    Choosing the Cherry

    Choosing the right cherry may seem like a no-brainer but being able to pick out the perfect cherry in this situation is very important. Not every cherry is the same, this also includes the stem of the cherry as well. Be sure when you are picking out a cherry to go for the one with the longest and strongest stem. This will be really helpful in the end because you can imagine how hard it would be to tie a shorter stem in your mouth.

  • 2

    Softening the Stem

    The next part of performing the trick is to lightly chew on the stem throughout in order to soften it up a little. This will make the stem a lot more flexible and ultimately easier for you to tie it up with your tongue.

  • 3

    Bending the Stem

    After the stem is ready to be bent, push your tongue down the middle of the stem, which should force it to become ā€˜Uā€™ shaped and allowing you to bite it down and cross it into a loop. With the stem now in place with your teeth at the cross, push on the end of the stem down while pushing the loop upwards towards it. Using your bottom teeth is also important so keep that in mind.

  • 4

    Making the Loop

    When you have got everything in line and ready for the next step, remember that you should use the fat end of the stem to go through the loop and use your teeth to pull that part of the stem through.

  • 5

    Finish the Trick

    The last part of the trick requires a two-way technique. While pulling the stem out of your mouth, which should now be tied, use your finger and teeth to tighten the loop even further but make sure not to pull to hard which might break it and ruin your efforts.

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