How to Touch Up Motorcycle Paint

Stock motorbikes and cars we see on the streets are all company painted. The materials used to paint the tanks are of top quality. The metallic yet glossy paintjob takes away the attention from anything else on the street. Usually bikers like to customize their bikes according to their own taste.

Motorbike tanks are scratch prone, and no matter how careful you are, it is something bikers have to deal with. So, in order to make your bike look brand new, you need to touch it up with a little motorcycle paint.

When you apply the motorcycle paint on the tank of the motor bike it does not only remove the scratches but also prevents rust from corroding the tank. If you are passionate about your vehicle, then you will certainly go the extra yard to make sure your bike remains in tip top condition. For those who do not take care of their vehicle should know, that the process of painting your motorcycle’s tank is not a difficult task, as it only takes little time with the paint of your choice.


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    Use the 300-grit paper to sand the scratch. Use the paper to sand the edges of the scratch. Stop doing so when you think the area is smooth. You can check if it’s smooth by running your fingers along the scratched place.

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    Use wax to remove the dust particles from the scratched area. You need to clean the scratch and the area around it.

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    Use a genuine brush to apply the paint on the scratch. If you use a cheap brush, it is going to cause more damage to your bike.

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    Thin coats of paint should be applied on the affected area several times. This process requires a little patience, so bear with it because you will be fascinated when you see the results. Apply the thin coat once and leave it to dry for 10 minutes. Repeat the process several times for at least two hours. After that, give it a day for the paint to completely dry out.

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    Use an orbital polisher which is usually used for cars, to bring out the shine. Use the polish and with the help of a piece of cloth, rub the polish on the frame of your motorcycle. You bike will start looking as good as new and you will be amazed to see the scratch completely disappear.

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