How to Touch Up Wood Floors

Wood floors can easily get scratches or cracks no matter how much careful you are. The scratches can occur whenever you drag something on the floor or through adding extra weight. An effective way to avoid this is to place mats in areas where there is high traffic in the house.

You do not have to replace the flooring to get rid of the cracks in this case. The repair work can be done at home and is also very easy.

Things Required:

– Wax filler stick
– Damp rag
– Broom
– Plastic spatula


  • 1

    Find the right match for wood

    You need to purchase a wax filler stick which exactly matches the colour of your floor. If you have a spare piece of the wood or tile of the same colour, it is better. However, if you do not get the exact colour of the wood or filler stick, it is appropriate that you purchase a colour that is a little darker than the required one rather than a lighter shade.

  • 2

    Clean the floor

    Before you touch up the floor, thoroughly clean the affected area. It is good to wash the floor with a cleanser so that the cracks or scratches are clearly visible afterwards. Make sure you give the floor ample time to dry so that it is not sticky when you start your work.

  • 3

    Use the wax filler stick

    Use the wax filler stick to cover all the scratches or cracks on the floor. The wax filler sticks are like crayons and are very effective in hiding any scratches on the wooden flooring.

  • 4

    Use the spatula to smoothen the surface

    When you are done with covering the affected areas on the floor, use a plastic spatula to smoothen the surface. This will help in maintaining an even surface throughout the course of the ground.

  • 5

    Wipe the unaffected area clean

    Leave the floor after you have used the plastic spatula so that it dries up nicely. It is very important to wipe clean those areas which had no scratches on them. These specific areas may be prominent afterwards and could damage the look.

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