How to Track IP Address on Google talk

People who are involved in instant messaging through G-talk or any other IM service are usually very curious whether the information being shared with them by their IM friend is true or a lie. The only way to recognize whether the profile used by your friend on G-Talk is fake or bogus is by tracking down the IP address. But this procedure is not considered reliable due to security reasons; you cannot actually find the entire information. But there are a few ways that are explained in this guide that, to some extent, will assist you in acquiring a good amount of information.


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    Besides G-Talk there are several other IM messengers that are being used worldwide but the main ones are MSN and AIM.  If we deeply analyze the connection between you and your IM friend, we come to know that your computer is not connected to your friend’s computer. In fact, you both are connected through G-Talk's server, which then transfers your messages to the friend and vice versa. The image shown above will clearly explain this connection.

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    The IM service used by the two parties is connected with a server, so if you intend to find out the IP address, you can only track down G-Talk’s IP address instead of that with whom you are IM’ing.

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    TCPView is a software that helps in finding out the detail listing of TCP along with UDP's endpoints. When the TCPView initializes its process, it will list down all IP addresses along with the domain name and the versions.

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    After the usage of TCPView query and response protocol, WHOIS is used to help you in knowing the domain name along with the IP address of the anonymous system.

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    After using that, you will find IP address which is owned by Google for G-Talk.

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