How to Track My Clients as a Stockbroker

Stockbrokers have a busy daily routine where they are combining their efforts on expanding their client base, retaining and tracking existing ones, and further keeping tabs on market trends. In order to ensure that new assignments keep rolling in, a stockbroker can pursue various marketing avenues such as online presence, or creating awareness through TV and newspaper. However, none works better than word of mouth from existing customers. In order to satisfy clients, a broker must have the knowhow on ways to keep existing clients happy and maintain a proper record of every individual in their portfolio.


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    Find all information about clients. This can be done in the initial meeting between the two parties. A stockbroker must learn the names, numbers, email addresses and contact details of every customer, along with amount they have invested in various stocks, and what are their expectation related to each share.

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    This can be done by creating a separate file on each customer, or maintaining a database on the computer. The traditional method is a time consuming one, given that you will have to enter all data manually and adjust it whenever a customer’s portfolio changes. However, if you prefer this route, then make sure that you maintain the files in an alphabetical order for easy access. Keep the files in a locker or somewhere safe.

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    You can further buy software for maintaining all relevant data as a stockbroker. This can be obtained at Make sure that you create a back-up folder on all the information. This will help you when any of your drives gets corrupted. Back-up will ensure that your work is safe and cannot be tampered with. Update the work after every week or whenever the customer requests for a change in portfolio.

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    The importance of this exercise is necessary in order to build your, as well as your client’s portfolio. Hold meetings twice a month to assure and inform them about the changes taking place in the stock market. If that is not possible, make yourself available if they have any questions.

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