How to Train a Horse to Cross Tie

Horses should know how to stand quietly when tied. This learning process is taught to them in their early stages. After a horse is about six months old, it is time for him to learn standing quietly when tied. This lesson is one of the most important lessons for a young horse and involves tying the halter with two ropes instead one. One rope is attached on one side of the halter the second rope is attached on the other side.

Things Required:

– Horse
– Halter
– Cross ties
– Assistant
– Long whip


  • 1

    Apply strong ropes and halter

    You need to use strong ropes and halter so it won’t break. In case your horse breaks the halter or ropes by rearing or pulling back then he will learn that pulling the ropes will result in releasing of pressure. You are required to teach your horse that when he pulls the pressure increases. This will lead your horse to step forward and stand quietly.

  • 2

    Use quick-release knot

    You need to use quick-release knot on both ropes of the cross tie. Remember that the height of the rope should be levelled with the shoulders of your horse or it can even be levelled with horse’s head.

  • 3

    Attach loosely

    For the first few times you need to attach the cross ties loosely. Remember that it should be attached but not tied.

  • 4

    Stand with slacked lead rope

    You should stand with your horse along with a slacked lead rope. Your horse will be allowed to move for only few steps. This step may frighten your horse so you need to confront your horse that he is safe.

  • 5

    Groom the young horse

    You should rub and pat your foal for almost five to ten minutes when he is tied in the first training session.

  • 6


    You should repeat these steps and slowly increase the time he stands quietly.

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