How to Train a Horse to Ride Bridleless

Training a horse to ride bridleless means riding on a horse without straps in his mouth and head. People are amazed watching bridleless exhibition which is performed by professionals. However, there is a drawback of these exhibitions as people try to ride bridleless without training their horses first. Riding bridleless requires practice, experience and a brilliant horsemanship. Your aim is to let your horse learn to pursue your body signals instead of mouth signals. However, keep in mind that few horses will adapt to this easily while other will not.

Things Required:

– Horseman’s rope
– Neck harness


  • 1

    Use your body language and spurs

    You are required to use your body language and spurs in order to control your horse. This is one of the main things which will lead you to ride your horse bridleless. You need to interact with your horse without the use of straps and bridle. Remove the reins and practice this on your horse.

  • 2

    Use horseman’s rope

    Place a horseman’s rope around the neck of your horse. Let the bridle attached with your horse at this point. You need to remove the reins and try to control the horse. Remember that in case you want to have extra grip on your horse, you can pick up the rope. You should let the rein on your horse in first few training sessions. This step will teach your horse that you can control him without the bit and bridle.

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    Practice controlling horse with your legs

    Use your legs to control your horse in order to direct him verbally. You should also practice controlling him without reins. Remember to maintain your balance as constant falling will indicate your horse as a direction. You will be required to assess your balance and your horse’s personality for this purpose.

  • 4

    Use neck halter

    When you think you can handle your horse without a bit and bridle, you need to test with the neck halter. If you can control with it then take the bit and bridle off from your horse.

  • 5

    Use neck rope

    After practicing with neck halter and you think you can control your horse, use a neck rope. Remove the neck halter and control your horse with the neck rope.

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