How to Train a Horse to Stand Tied for a Long Time

Horses were the primary source for travelling before the invention of motor vehicles. However, in countryside in today’s modern world, there are several people who still prefer to travel around over their own horses.

Horse should be trained properly before riding on them, and training them to stand tied quietly, especially for a longer period of time, is one of the most important aspects of training. Tying horses is extremely important for not only the safety of your horse but for the safety of humans as well.

Although there are several horse trainers, one can train his/her own horse all by him/herself without confronting much fuss if they keep some simple guidelines in their mind.

Things Required:

– Strong halter
– Sturdy lead rope
– Tie ring


  • 1

    Purchase the necessary things in order to tie your horse securely from the market.

  • 2

    Examine the nail at which you will be attaching the lead rope that it is strong and securely placed. If it is not perfect, then you should place another tack. Once you are satisfied with the tack, examine the snap. Make sure that it is perfect as well.

  • 3

    Look for a strong place, for instance a fence or a tree, for training your horse to stand tied quietly. Attach a quality ring on that place where you will be tying your horse. One can tie the rope without a ring, but it will only frighten your animal, as tying directly with the rope will give the horse the feeling of being trapped.

  • 4

    After attaching the ring, pass the lead rope through it. Take your horse towards the tying place, and make sure that your horse stands still while you are tying the rope.

  • 5

    After tying your horse, walk away from your horse. Keep an eye on your horse whether or not the animal is standing normally or is getting frightened.

  • 6

    At the early stages, make sure that you return towards your horse after tying in few minutes. However, as the practice gets old, you should start increasing the time period of your return. It will develop the patience in your horse of standing quietly while being tied. Continue the practice until you are certain that your horse has learnt to stand quietly for long period of time.

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