How to Travel by Air from London to Coventry

Air travelling is considered to be the fastest way of reaching your destination, which is why people who are in a hurry and they wish to cover the distance in next to no time this mean can be preferred. The distance from London to Coventry is very less, due to which it would be a better if you choose train instead of air service, besides being the second fastest transport mean the price of tickets are also cheap as compared to air tickets. There is only one airport available in Coventry, which is famous by the name of Coventry Airport and it takes approximately 0.7 hours to reach Coventry from London if the plane moves with the speed of 724.1 kilo meters per hour.


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    Online booking is an ideal way to buy tickets, because if you get your seat booked form the boarding desk then you will not be able to avail any sort of deals and offers. If you wish to buy tickets online then you can visit the following website which will help you in planning a desirable journey.

    Visit Flights Ideal Website
    Visit Tripadvisor Website
    Visit Cheap Flights Website

    For on the spot booking follow step 2

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    You will have to reach the airport 30 minutes early for domestic flights, so that you can get your luggage checked by the duty staff. In case if you have to get your seat booked on the spot, then come an hour early and go towards Terminal 1 which is specifically for domestic flights.

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    At the boarding desk provide the required documents for identification and buy your ticket, if you already have a ticket then get yourself confirmed and give your luggage to the security officers for checking. Move towards the waiting lounge until the announcement is made.

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    When you hear the announcement, move towards the entrance gate and cross the green channel then you will enter into the plane.

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    Ask the plane staff about your seat location and take your seat. Put the seat belts on and carefully follow the instructions given by the plane staff.

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    The journey will end in less than an hour, the announcement will be made that you have reached the Coventry Airport. Take your luggage and move towards the inner area of the airport.

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    As you move out of the airport the taxi rank will be seen from where you can easily be served by the cabs.

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