How to Travel from London to Chichester

Chichester is situated in West Sussex, which is a County of Sussex. Sussex is in the South East zone of England. This city has several places which has become landmarks over the past years. The distance from London to Chichester is very less, by road you can easily reach in less than 2 hours, but you will have to make sure the weather is pleasant. The Climate of the city is moderate the best option to reach Chichester in less time is to travel by train, bus takes the most time while airplane ticket will be expensive for you because the distance is not that much.


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    Travelling by Car

    The distance from London to Chichester is 81.4 miles which can be covered by car in 1 hour and 48 minutes. Before leaving do not forget to take a route map along so that you can cover your distance without any kind of hassle. It would be quite beneficial for you if you discuss your plan with a reliable travel agent.

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    Travelling by Bus

    To reach Chichester from London it takes approximately minimum 3 hours and 10 minutes and maximum 2 hours and 40 minutes. Bus takes most of the time but people prefer it due to its reasonable charges. You can book your seat in advance through relevant website or you can also buy your ticket on the spot.

    Victoria Coach Station

    Location: 164 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9TP, United Kingdom
    Contact: +44 843 222 1234 ‎

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    Travelling by Train

    Train being one of the fastest means of transport takes 87 minutes to cross the borders of Chichester. Besides being swift the price of train ticket are quite reasonable due to which most of the people prefer using this transport mean.

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    Travelling by Air

    Due to less distance it takes 0.6 hours to reach Chichester Airport from London but this time also includes the time in which the boarding is done and the descent and ascent of plane takes place. Less number of people, prefer this mean of transport because it is expensive as compared to other sources.

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    Tours and Trips

    Chichester has vast history attached to it due to which it has various landmarks which is has become the city’s attraction. You can choose any transport and travel all the way to Chichester from London in less the 2 hours. If you have love for travelling then try covering the distance through your personal ride or a bus.

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