How to Travel from London to Londonderry

Londonderry is a county which is situated in the Northern Ireland, also famous by the name of County Derry. Amid the six counties, Londonderry is responsible to join Lough Neagh’s North West shore. With a total 233,550 population count, the Derry’s coverage area is 2,074 km2. This historical county is a part of Ulster, which is a province of Ireland. Traveling from London all the way to Londonderry is not a piece of cake, because a direct route is not available. The link between London and Londonderry is split by the Irish Sea; you will have to cover a trip of 68.6 miles distance by a ferry in order to cross the borders of Ireland. It takes total10 hours and 13 minutes to cover 487 miles distance to reach Londonderry by road and, bus and train service is not a suitable way of travelling, but air service is the best option because it will take less time in reaching your destination.


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    Travel By Car

    In order to travel all the way from London to Londonderry by car, out of the three available directions you can select a route which provides you convenience. Although the difference between all three routes is of a few minutes, still the path which takes less time in crossing the borders of Londonderry is through the M1 and A5 highway. It will take you 10 hours and 13 minutes to reach Derry by covering a distance of 487 miles. After covering 263 miles on a car, you will have to travel on a ferry to cross the Irish Sea. Before you initiate your trip make sure that you rent a car which will take you all the way from Dublin to Londonderry, because after covering a distance of 68.6 mile in a ferry you will be dropped at Dublin. In order to acquire a complete route map you can check the Driving Directions from London to Londonderry. Before heading towards the highway make sure the fuel tank of your car is filled up so that you do not encounter any sort of inconvenience.

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    Travel By Air

    In order to travel from London to Londonderry, air service is considered as the most convenient mean of transport because in a little time you will reach your destination. The travelling distance from London to Londonderry by air is approximately 78 hours. Bravo Fly operators will provide you the most suitable trip; you will be able to reach your destination in 1 hour and 25 minutes without making any stops during the route. Your plane will takeoff from London Stansted Airport, and land at the City of Derry Airport (Londonderry). For online booking utilize the links prearranged as follow:

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