How to Travel with Young Children

In case you are travelling long distances with young children, it is natural that they will get bored and disturb you throughout the route and there is a good chance that you will get distracted and frustrated with constant fighting, shouting and screaming of your children.

However, with some proper precautions and guidelines, you can ward off their boredom and keep them busy.

Things Required:

– Books
– Colouring books
– Comfort toys for small children
– DVDs/ Movies and Personal DVD players
– Electronic games
– Sticker books
– Snacks


  • 1

    Bring backpack of activities

    Children love getting charge of something and in this specific case, it is recommended to give them charge of the backpack. Let them gather things they require during the route. These things will not only keep them entertained during travelling but will also keep them busy till you reach the destination.

    You can also help the kids, and encourage them to  bring along items like toys, puzzles and books.

  • 2

    Read them Books

    During long trips on train, aeroplane or even a car, you can read books to your kids. Buy books which your kids like and read to them en route your destination.

  • 3

    Colouring books

    Besides reading stories or books to them, you can always bring colouring books for your children.

    You can buy Crayola’s ‘Colour Wonder’ markers which are only applicable on Colour Wonder paper. By this, you can prevent your children leaving stains on car or on any other vehicle’s fittings.

  • 4

    Comfort toys for small children

    Bring a teddy bear or your young child’s favourite blanket with you. This may keep him/her calm. You can play peek-a-boo or any other games with your child.

  • 5

    Personal DVD player

    Buy a portable DVD player for your child and bring DVDs of his/her favourite cartoon movies. Instead of a portable DVD player, you can even bring your laptop and play their favourite movie on it. This is especially effective when two or more children are accompanying you, because the interface of the laptop is larger.

  • 6

    Video games

    Buy portable video games like PSP (Portable Playstation) or Gameboy for your kids. This was you will keep them busy for few hours. You should arrange a set of earphones so that others don’t get disturbed.

  • 7

    Sticker Books

    You need to bring reusable sticker books which are great for young children. Get a book which contains your child’s favourite character.

  • 8

    Take items for mess clean up

    You need to bring items like hand sanitizer, bag of wipes and disposable bags for dirty diapers.

  • 9


    It is strongly recommended to bring snacks with you when you are travelling with young children. Snacks will not only keep them busy but also entertained. It is advisable to bring snacks which are healthy such as celery pieces, carrot sticks, permitted nuts etc.

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