How to Treat a Dry Socket at Home

In most cases, dry socket, known as alveolar osteitis in medical terms, can be very painful and is often caused when one of your teeth has been extracted. You may have to get another dentist appointment to heal a dry socket. Your dentist or oral surgeon will most probably pack the dry socket area with medicated dressings to promote the healing process. However, if visiting a dentist is somehow out of the question in your case, there are some remedies that you can try at home in order to ease off the pain.


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    Prepare a mixture of salt and water. Draw this mixture in a syringe with a curved tip and then squirt the saltwater directly into the dry socket area. This will help clean the dry socket area by flushing out any trapped food particles or other debris. Repeat this remedy after each meal or at least once every day for several weeks.

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    Draw as much fluid to the dry socket area as possible because it will eventually promote healing. You can accomplish this by frequently rinsing your mouth out with warm salt water. Warm salt water also helps ease off pain.

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    If the pain is excruciating, ice can be used to instantly ease off the pain, at least for a short while. Pack ice cubes in a piece of clean cloth and hold it to the outside of the jaw, right next to the dry socket area. Apart from easing off the pain, ice will help reduce swelling as well.

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    From a food store or a pharmacy, purchase a can of clove oil. Pour a few drops of clove oil in a cup and dilute it by adding a few drops of water. Concentrated clove oil is very strong and may sting if applied without dilution. Apply the diluted clove oil regularly to the dry socket area.

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    Staying hydrated can help heal dry socket, so make sure you drink plenty of fluid. To avoid irritating the dry socket area, do not drink out of straw because it creates suction in the mouth which eventually causes more pain.

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