How to Treat Hair before Sunbathing

Sunbathing or getting your body tanned in a tanning bed in a salon can severely damaged your hair. It can get dehydrated, split up on the tips and even get burnt to be lifeless. It is better to well protect your hair before sunbathing and while sunbathing to minimize the impact of hot sun or tanning bed heat.

You can use a number of solutions from conditioner to some other sun protection lotions. Also, trying on different sort of hats or other protective methods helps protect the hair against the sun heat.

Some of the solutions might not be as effective in tanning bed as they can be in protecting your hair from the sun heat, because tanning bed heat is severer than the natural sun heat. The pace of damage done to hair in the tanning bed is also far quicker than out in the sun heat. So it is better take good care of your hair before getting tanned in a salon or out in the sun.


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    Use of leave-in or any form of conditioner just before going out in the sun or in tanning bed is an effective solution protect your hair from heat and burning. Leave-in conditioner is particularly good in the sun because its warmness lets the conditioner get absorbed deep in the hair and it serves to its better protection. However, in the tanning bed it may not be as effective remedy and you may need a cap or any other such thing to protect the heat through to your hair.

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    Ask For Other Products

    You can also ask over the counter of your pharmacy about any other product that can well protect your hair in the sun or in the tanning bed. There might be a hair oil or lotion that can sustain the sun heat in a longer run.

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    Use Hat or Bandanna

    Use of an hat or bandanna is another solution for protection of hair while sunbathing. In fact, this is the best possible solution to prevent heat getting through your hair and damage it at roots or tips. You can use them either with conditioner in your hair or without it. If the conditioner is in the hair, you can get better result.

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    Increase Water Intake

    While you protect your hair against the sun heat, it can still get dehydrated and break on the tips as your body gets dehydrated in the sun. Use of excessive water or fluid will help you sustain in the sun heat and protect you against the heat, including your hair.

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