How to Treat Mad Cow Disease

Mad cow disease is among the most common but fatal diseases, as the scientists have not been able to find a cure. The mad cow disease affects the brain severely and is mostly found in cattle, sheep and goats. As the disease hits the brain of the animals, it damages their nervous system and forces them to do strange things. The cattle not only start acting strangely but they become aggressive and one can easily note that from their abnormal behaviour. This not only changes their behaviour but the animals also suffer weight loss.


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    Search for symptoms

    You should never underestimate the importance of looking for early symptoms. Note that cattle suffering from mad cow disease demonstrate a very different behaviour. They become aggressive and unstable at times. As the disease spreads in their body, the severity of these symptoms escalates. Remember that, detecting the mad cow disease in earlier stages can help you save other cattle and goats from the infected ones and this will save you a lot of trouble.

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    Look for a cure

    Keep in mind that no solid cure has been identified by the scientists but there is always hope. You must never lose your hope and keep looking for a cure or potential cure, if available. Note that the experts have been testing numerous drugs to figure out a cure for mad cow disease but they have not been successful by now. Similarly, you should look out for the incubation period. Not to mention that only in exceptional cases the mad cow disease happened to younger animals while the incubation period starts in the second half of third year.

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    Check younger ones for symptoms

    You should check the younger animals for symptoms. No doubt that there is a slight change of mad cow happening to the younger ones but you cannot afford to risk it. Therefore, you should check for the symptoms in young animals. The psychiatrist symptoms of mad cow disease are similar to that of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD) that does the same to human beings. It is said that the vCJD is the result of eating the meat of mad cows thus one should be extremely careful. If not taken extreme care, the animal can die very quickly, thus you must try to remain as careful as possible.

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