How to Treat Post Nasal Drip in Children

Post nasal drip is one of the most common problems a majority of children face,  especially in the winter season. The best way to protect them from this problem, which sometimes leads to many ailments,i.e. as cough, sore throat, fever and itching in throat or mouth, is not to expose them to allergens. Dust, pollen, dry weather conditions, dander from animals or flower plants are high risk allergens to cause drip . It is recommended to also seek paediatrician’s advice.


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    Protect Child from Allergens Exposure

    It is highly recommended that prevent your child from aforementioned allergens, especially in winter season. They can easily affect your child, and normally it is not easy for the child to immediately feel relieved. A major problem here is managing your child during the problem. In fact, he is further exposed to cold and other ailments.

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    Humidifier in Child’s Room

    Mucus that is a major cause of post nasal drip can be broken down by keeping humidifier in your child room. It is highly recommended to turn on humidifier while your child is asleep at night. You should also make effective use of humidifier if sense that the symptoms of drip are worsening in the child. Generally, it is the best way to keep your child relieved.

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    Prevent Child from Exposure to Irritants

    Nasal irritants can cause or add to the suffering of your child. The child can feel really uncomfortable in presence of perfumes, sprays, cigarette or any other smoke or any other irritants in air or surrounding in which the child is kept. Make sure you use these things away from the child so that they do not aggravate the problem.

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    Use of Spray

    It is generally recommended that use saline nose spray to treat post nasal drip in your child. It can provide an immediate relief to it. There are a number of sprays available in the market but make sure you chose the one that is specifically formulated for children use. Carefully follow instructions for use or may be it is a better idea to seek paediatrician’s advice.

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    Treatment of Original Cause

    It is recommended to try knowing about the actual cause of post nasal drip. If it is an infection or any other cause, treat that first. It might help you get rid of drip in your child. The best way is to see paediatrician to get diagnosed and treated the cause of drip.

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    Administration of Antihistamine

    You may also administer your child a dose of an antihistamine but be careful about the age and weight of your child and scale the dose accordingly. Also, try to get information if the antihistamine is approved by the FDA, especially if it is an over-the-counter product. Otherwise, the best solution is to get it prescribed from your doctor.

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