How to Treat the Common Cold

There is no cure for the common cold. However, you should not worry as the symptoms usually clear up in three to seven days. Sometimes, it might require more time than a week. Treating a common cold means you are making it less uncomfortable. Remember, you can even treat the common cold with natural remedies. Follow some basic techniques to learn how to effectively treat the common cold.


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    Take few days off from work or school

    It is recommended to take at least two days off from your work or school. Doing this will prevent the cold from spreading and you will gain enough energy to battle the infection. Furthermore, you will lower the chances of getting more infections.

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    Take rest

    It is strongly recommended to get extra rest when you catch a cold. This will help you gain enough energy to fight the cold. Remember, if you do not take rest, you might make yourself feel worse.

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    Drink enough fluids

    You are required to drink enough fluids so that you stay hydrated as this you will lower the intensity of many symptoms such as headaches and sore throat. You might have to pay a few visits to the bathroom but it is better than coughing and sneezing. In case your urine is yellowish then it is an indication that you have consumed very little fluid. However, if your urine is clear, that means you are taking the right amount of fluids. Chicken soup is another great remedy for the common cold as the hot steaming bowl is perfect to unclog your nose and help you breathe a little easier.

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    Eat spicy food

    You need to consume spicy food when you are suffering from a cold as this will clear your sinuses. Furthermore, red cayenne pepper will assist in clearing your head.

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    Consume orange juice, fruits and Vitamin C

    You need to consume Vitamin C supplements, drink orange juice and eat fruits when you are suffering from a cold. This will give you some much needed energy and help your body fight off the infection.

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    Avoid smoking

    It is strongly recommended to avoid smoking when you catch a cold as tobacco temporarily weakens the immune system. In addition to this, tobacco increases the severity of cold symptoms. Besides tobacco, you should also refrain from consuming soda, coffee and caffeinated tea.

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