How to Trim Eyebrow and Nose Hair

It is natural to want to look beautiful, clean and attractive; however, you need to take into account even the smallest of things to make sure that your personality and outlook is complete. Even if you wear the most expensive of clothes and have the body features to complement them, rough eye brows and visible nose hair can have an adverse effect on your personality. Trimming your eyebrows and nose hair can be a tricky and time consuming activity. However, by taking little things into account, you can remove the unwanted hair without much of a hassle.


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    Use a warm cloth

    In order to make it easy for you to trim the eyebrows and the nose hair, take a warm cloth and put it on the areas you want to remove hair from. By doing this, you would be able to remove the hair without much difficulty or pain. You can easily make a cloth warm by ironing it.

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    Having used a warm cloth to open the pores, you can wax the unwanted hair, tweeze them or string them. Stringing the eyebrows is a touch difficult than waxing or plucking. However, it is still much better than tweezing. All the above mentioned ways are useful in trimming the eyebrows and it depends on the individual's choice.

    You can shape your eyebrows according to your will by using an eyebrow shaper. It is made of plastic and can be used to tweeze around to shape the eyebrows.

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    Two ways of getting rid of the nose hair

    There are two basic ways of trimming your nose hair. You can use a trimmer or any other tool. The tool will just cut the hair shorter and will not remove them completely. This process is less painful and often takes lesser time.

    The more orthodox and old way is to pluck hair one by one. This process is a little time consuming and can be painful as well. However, it remains the most effective in removing the nose hair.

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    Have appropriate light

    Stand in front of a mirror while removing unwanted hair and make sure that there is proper light. Otherwise, it will be really difficult for you to trim your eyebrows or pluck nose hair cleanly.

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