How to Turn Bronzer into Moisturiser

Bronzer on its own is indeed an excellent cosmetic, allowing you to darken your skin a little and give it a beautiful glow if you feel that your complexion is too fair. The make-up item has been making good-looking skin look greater for years and is therefore almost always found in a girl’s handbag or dressing table.

However, if you accidentally ruined your bronzer by dropping it on the floor or if it is crushed, there is no need to throw it away just yet. Instead, you can turn it into a neat moisturiser by a very simple process.


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    The first thing you need to do is to transfer the crushed bronzer from its container to a sealable bag. You do not need to go for a very big plastic bag, as a small one will serve the purpose, in fact serve it much more effectively than a bigger one.

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    After you have tipped the crushed bronzer to a small plastic bag, squeeze some body lotion into a small tub. Again, there is no need to go for a very large tub. Instead, go for a small tub. If you do not have a small tub in your house, grab a bowl from the kitchen and use it for the purpose. Keep in mind that the bowl may never return to the kitchen shelf or return to the dining table again.

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    Once you have filled up a small tub or bowl with body lotion, turn your attention back to the small sealable bag containing the crushed bronzer. Crush the bronzer even further using your fingers in order to get rid of all the lumps. Make sure you do not apply too much while crushing the bronzer, as you might end up tearing the small plastic bag. Crush the content of the bag by delicately pressing your fingers on them.

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    After you have thoroughly crushed the bronzer in the sealable bag to get of all the lumps, tip it into the small tub that you had filled with a small amount of body lotion. Grab a spoon or something like it to stir the mixture. Keep stirring for a few minutes. Stir in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

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    You are done making the moisturiser. Store it in some container or bottle.

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