How to Tweak the New Multi-Monitor Taskbar in Windows 8

You may wonder why Microsoft did not make a customisable and beneficial task bar across several monitors. Though Windows 8 took time to release, still these guidelines will help you in acquiring an overview about this feature. With the help of the new task bar in Windows 8, you will be able to span multiple monitors, besides that the task bar buttons available on each monitor can be customised.

If you do not know how to head into the task bar and utilise the services that are provided then take a look at this guide.


  • 1

    Make sure that your computer or laptop is powered on and that Windows 8 has properly loaded. On your Windows 8 right click on the task bar.

  • 2

    From the popup menu click on Properties.

  • 3

    A dialog box will open on your screen, showing you a multiple display section at the bottom.

  • 4

    From the multiple displays you can easily check or uncheck the box which will allow you to enable or disable the viewing task bar.

  • 5

    If you have checked the box the task bar will not appear on the screen.

  • 6

    This dialog box will also allow you to make the size of your task bar small or normal.

  • 7

    You are given an option to lock your task bar, auto hide it or use peek to preview when the mouse is moved. Depending upon your requirement you can make relevant changes through this dialog box.

  • 8

    You can also make the changes on the other task bar settings.

  • 9

    Although these instructions are quite simple, if you face any issues then try them again from the beginning and try not to skip any steps. If you still have problems then go online and visit some of the forums or websites that cover all aspects of tips and tricks for Windows 8. You will find many different sites that have a tremendous amount of information that you can easily use to tweak your Windows 8 computer. You can also post your own query on a forum and get some personalised assistance from an expert user of Windows 8. Also, do not forget to check some of the video tutorials that are usually available online to help you tweak your Windows 8 machine.

  • 10

    For more tips or tricks to help you modify or change your Windows 8 settings you can always visit your local bookstore or library for some excellent materials dealing with Windows 8. You can either buy or check out some of these books to help you get a better understanding of Windows 8.

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