How to Upgrade an Airline Ticket

There are many benefits of upgrading an airline ticket like getting comfortable seats, the option for more food and drinks along with being in first or business class, making that long flight all the more comfortable.

Most airlines have different methods through which an airline ticket may be upgraded. Some of these methods are based on available space on the flight, your frequent flyer status or if you are willing to pay an additional fare.

In order to get all extra facilities the next time you are going to be travelling by air, knowing how to upgrade an airline ticket is important.


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    One Airline

    Each airline offers many rewards for choosing them. Instead of using different airlines whenever going city to city, it is important that you use one airline, increasing your reputation with them and also building up a sort of credit system that they might have. Having a frequent flyer status associated with your name will automatically make you eligible to upgrade your airline ticket whenever possible and sometimes, even for free.

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    Talk to Ticket Agent

    The ticketing agent is your gateway to getting the seat of your choice, which is why being patient and assisting through anything they may need is of the necessity in this case. If you treat your ticketing agent in a bad way and are known to be flaky in terms of making reservations, the ticket agent will also not want to assist you as much as they possibly can and will work towards satisfying someone who is consistent.

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    Frequent Flyer Miles

    If you have travelled a lot recently, you can check with the respective airline on how many frequent flyer miles you have accumulated and what you are eligible for with that amount. Most people, who are constant travellers, do not take this benefit into consideration and end up losing out due to sheer ignorance. Such benefits are in place for loyal customers, which is why taking benefits from them is your right.

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    Free Upgrade

    If you are able to find out that the flight you are about to board has empty spaces, asking to be upgraded on the spot is also an option. Some agents insert that option, which is dependent on availability of open seats so that the ticket handler can do the necessary.

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