How to Use a Computer to Manage Your Money

In order to manage finances, a person needs to check his profits and expenses on daily basis. It is strongly recommended for every person to manage their money so they can enjoy a better life along with filling up their saving accounts. You never know when you might need money for any purpose or you can even save for vacation purposes. Computers are the best option to manage your money. You can have record of your profit and expenses. Besides this you can set-up a budget with help of different software.

Things Required:

– Computed with internet connection
– Financial Record Software
– Calculator
– Check book
– Bank Account Records


  • 1

    Create a budget on your computer

    You need to set a monthly budget for yourself. Simple create a budget plan on your computer. You can use Microsoft Excel for this purpose. Jolt down all your expenses such as mortgage, insurance, rents, bills, food and car payments. For writing down your food expenses, check your last month’s average money spent on food.

    After you have recorded your expenses, you need to write down your revenue. Jolt down all of your income sources. Remember that this amount should be higher than your expenses. Make a column of safety net where you will write the cost for some unexpected items. Also reserve some money for little pleasure and for buying new clothes.

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    Keep accurate records

    You need to note down every purchase on your computer and then deduct it from your monthly allowance budget. In case you spend more than the allowed budget, then you are overspending. You need to determine when and where you are overspending. By this you will know where to cut down your expenses.

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    Take help from online resources

    You can take help from online resources in order to keep accurate record and calculate your budget. There are many websites including government sponsored websites which helps you keep record of your money. Many of these sites help you in managing your money by importing data from your bank account.

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    Use budget-keeping software

    You need to install software such as Quicken for managing your budget. Besides this, Microsoft Excel will also let you help for budget-keeping. You can easily keep information in these software. Further, these software are good with numbers, you can easily calculate your budget.

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