How to Use a Curling Wand for Loose Curls

If you have straight hair, do not envy people who have great curly ones. You can also get the same hair with the help of a curling wand. The process is easy and less time consuming also. You just need to divide your hair in different sections before you start with the process. Use the curling iron on each section separately and use hairspray in the end to make sure they stay in their desired place. Curling wands are generally preferred to curling irons as they are more convenient to use.


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    Wash and brush your hair

    It is always good to wash your hair before you curl them. The hair will not get the desired curls if they are not clean. Once you have thoroughly washed them with shampoo, dry them with a towel. Make sure you do not dry them completely.

    In order to remove the knots in the hair after they are washed, brush your hair to get them in good shape.

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    Divide your hair into sections

    Once you have washed and brushed your hair, divide them into small sections and pin each section separately. You will have to curl each section separately by the wand as using more than the required amount will not give the desired result in the end.

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    Wrap each section around the curling wand one by one

    Use the curling wand on each section one by one. Hold the wand in one hand and wrap the section of hair around it. Leave the hair on the wand for about 10 second and slide it when done. It is important to hold the hair in your hand as you slowly slide the curler. The amount of curls also depends on the way you wrap the hair. If you wrap the hair tightly, more curls can be achieved and vice versa. Carry on the same process with the rest of the sections also.

  • 4

    Use hairspray to style your hair

    When you are done curling your hair, use your hands to gently style them as the use of a brush would damage the curls. Hairspray can be used to keep the curls in their place and to style the hair.

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