How to Use a Fiberglass Cloth & Resin Car Repair Kit

If you ever find yourself in a need of repairing some damaged bodywork on your car, simply make use of a fiberglass cloth and resin car repair kit. Fiberglass is known for its property to bond with toughest of surfaces such as metal or even plastic. Here is how you should use a fiberglass cloth and resin car repair kit to safely repair damaged areas on your car.

Things Required:

– Coarse-grit sandpaper
– Rags
– Acetone
– Razor knife
– Fiberglass resin
– Hardener
– Mixing bucket
– Stir stick
– Felt roller
– Air roller
– Fine-grit sandpaper
– Palm sander


  • 1

    With coarse-grit sandpaper, sand the area which needs to be repaired. This will ensure that the fiberglass bonds properly to the damaged surface. Sand the area until it is properly smooth.

  • 2

    Now you need to get rid of grease and dirt from the damaged surface. In order to accomplish this, wipe clean the damaged surface with acetone applied to a clean rag. If there is any dust or grease accumulated on the surface, fiberglass will not bond to the surface and will eventually delaminate.

  • 3

    Cut the fiberglass mat in appropriate size with a sharp razor knife. Cut each fiberglass layer smaller than its predecessor. Cut as many layers as necessary.

  • 4

    In a mixing bucket, prepare a mixture of fiberglass resin and hardener. To make the mixture uniform, stir it thoroughly with a stir stick. Refer to the instructions listed on the container for detailed instructions on how you need to prepare the resin-hardener mixture.

  • 5

    Apply a small quantity of fibreglass resin on a felt roller and use this roller to wet the damaged surface. Place the smallest layer of fibreglass mat on the area that you are repairing and then apply resin-hardener mixture with the help of the felt roller. Keep applying the resin-hardener mixture until no dry spots remain. Air bubbles may have accumulated on the repair. Roll them out with an air roller.

  • 6

    Repeat the earlier step to apply all pre-cut layers of fiberglass mat. Wait until the fiberglass hardens and cools off completely before proceeding to the next step.

  • 7

    Use fine-grit sandpaper and palm sander to sand the fiberglass. Continue to sand until the repaired surface is level with rest of the surface.

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