How to Use a Hula Hoop

There are numerous exercises, which can be performed to fight obesity. However, becoming fit is not the only thing one wants. You need to have perfect abs in order to impress your friends and family members, and most importantly look and feel good.

Working out to get a well toned body takes a lot out of you and can get boring at times. Therefore, most people avoid such exercises.

In order to have fun and get your body in shape at the same time, you should select an activity such as hula hooping, which helps you lose fat and is extremely good for the abs. It can be performed quite easily and you don’t need to spend much money on it either.

Things Required:

– Hula hoop
– Athletic clothing


  • 1

    Put on tight fitting clothes

    Before performing an exercise of any kind, it is ideal to put on athletic clothes. You will be unable to use the hula hoop without wearing tight clothes, as it will get stuck time and again, which can be quite irritating.

  • 2

    Place the hula hoop on ground

    Once you have put on the right clothes, place the hula hoop on the ground and step inside it. If you are a beginner, it is ideal to use a larger hoop otherwise you will find it difficult to perform the exercise.

  • 3

    Grab the edges of the hoop

    Bend down and grab the edges of the hoop with both hands. Make sure your hands are apart at a clear distance from each other.

  • 4

    Bring the hoop at waist level

    Raise the hoop upwards and bring it to your waist level. At this moment, you should ensure that you have gripped the hoop tightly with both hands.

  • 5

    Spin the hoop

    Start spinning the hoop now. You have to do it clockwise, if you are a right hander and do the opposite, in case you are a lefty.

  • 6

    Move your waist in circular motion

    In order to spin the hoop, you have to continue moving your waist and hips in a circular motion. Try doing so swiftly in order to perform the activity smoothly.

  • 7

    Continue practicing until you master the trick

    Practice brings perfection, so you should continue repeating the process in order to achieve perfection. You will find it a bit difficult in the initial phases, but you will start getting better with the passage of time.

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