How to Use a Screwpull Corkscrew

It is embarrassing when one tries to open the wine bottle in the party in front of everyone using a Screwpull Corkscrew but ends up in a mess. Actually when we grip the mettle of the Screwpull wrongly, there is a great possibility that the cork will not come along with the pull. That makes one try again but the bottle never opens. It is when the rules of the physics come into play. The force alone does not guarantee that the task being carried out will be done effectively, the way it is used is equally important.

Corkscrew used to be the only way for removing corks from the bottles, but it had some risks involved in the application of it. For example, one could pull the Corkscrew while trying to get the cork out so strongly that some accidents take place. That hiccup can be as dangerous as hurting your fingers. Therefore, a caution was observed while using it.

In order to avoid these kinds of scenarios, Screwpull was produced. The difference is that it helps in separating the cork from the bottle smoothly, as opposed to causing some damage in the whole process. Besides, a lever is fixed to it, which makes the whole process easy and enjoyable too. One can stand in the middle of the groups of the friends confidently, while unleashing a fountain of liquid from the bottle by using Screwpull.


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    Open mettles of Screwpull

    First thing to do is to bring the Screwpull close to the mouth of the bottle, while opening two mettles of it. It would be better if the seal of the bottle is removed, as it will allow us to do everything comfortably.

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    Adjust location of the handles on bottle precisely

    This is probably the trickiest part of the process. Putting the handles into the right positions means the more than the half work done.  After that, you just have to start pushing your hands backward slowly. Make sure the force being applied is not too much, as it can have us start the whole process again.

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    Remove cork using hand

    When the top of the bottle has been separated, it should be dumped with the use of the hand, as opposed to trying to use the Corkscrew for this purpose. Always remember while performing the task that the adjustment of the grip on the Corkscrew is crucial. For the same reason, the handle of wood, which is fastened to helix, is designed in such a way that the hands fix easily to it.

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