How to Use an Eyelash Curler

Curled eyelashes automatically tend to look longer, giving your eyes a pretty, feminine appearance. While some people might be born with naturally curled lashes, most of us have to give our lashes a little extra help, to aid them in getting there. A prime tool for this purpose is an eyelash curler – while most people tend to use these as is, the secret to making these curlers effective to the max is to apply a moderate amount of heat.

Things Required:

– Eyelash curler
– Eye makeup remover
– Cotton balls
– Hairdryer
– Well-lit mirror
– Mascara


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    To begin, make sure your eyes and eyelashes are completely free of any makeup – ensure that no residual liner, eye shadow, or mascara is still clinging to your lashes. Residual mascara is specifically harmful, as this could stick to the curler, and pull your eyelashes out by their roots. In order to clean up, dab some eye makeup remover onto a cotton ball, and apply this to your eye. Rub gently, to dislodge any particles that might be clinging to your eyelashes and eyelid, and then gently swipe it across your lashes.

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    Next, prepare the curler. Plug your hairdryer in, set it to roughly medium heat, and blast the head of the curler with this for around 5 to 8 seconds. While heating the curler prior to use is not necessary, it is the key to making it more effective, and to ensuring that the curl in your lashes stays put for longer. Once you have heated up the curler, turn the hair dryer off.

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    Now, stand in front of a well-lit mirror, and grasp the heated curler firmly and carefully in your hands. Then, open your eyes wide, to give yourself easy access to your lashes. Now, making sure the heated curler doesn’t touch your skin, position it so the clamps are above and under your lashes, with your eyelashes in the middle.

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    Then, close the clamp, making sure your lashes are in between, and hold it there for 5 to 7 seconds. Release the clamp once this time period has elapsed, and repeat the same procedure on the other eye. Finally, once the lashes of both eyes are curled to perfection, swipe on a light coating of mascara as a finishing touch.

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