How to Use Banner Advertising on Websites

When you visit a website, you may have noticed the rectangular advertisement flashing on the, side of bottom of the website. These flashing rectangular advertisements are known as banner advertisements and are one of the most common modes of advertisement in the Internet space. While they were consistently bringing desirable results in the past, the amount of traffic generated by these banners has decreased in recent times. It is still a good idea to invest in these banners, as they are quite inexpensive and can actually attract a significant amount of traffic.


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    The first thing that you need to do is to create or banner advertisement (ad) or get it created by searching for a website that offers the service. There are some websites that create or allow you to create a banner without charging you anything for the service. However, some websites charge a small fee for the service. These paid websites offer a greater variety of tools for customisation of the banner. Top Site Guideā€™s Animated Banner Creator and Quick Banner are couple of really good websites that allow you to create a banner.

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    Once you have found the appropriate website, start creating the banner. If you are not very good with computers, or do not have confidence in your creativity, then you can hire the services of a graphic designer. There are three types of banners, namely GIF, static and flash, with the last of them being the most common nowadays. You will have to consider the bandwidth consumption while deciding about the banner type.

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    Decide about the websites where you want your banner to be displayed. You will also need to discuss payment with your affiliates. While most companies pay per click, i.e. they pay the affiliate every time the banner is clicked, you can also opt for a flat rate of pay per impression.

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    Once the payment terms have been decided upon, start displaying your banner on your website. You should also contact other website owners, asking them to display your banner on their website. While some website owners may charge you for it, which can range from being a small fee to a hefty amount, others might do it simply in exchange for you displaying their banner on your website.

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    There are banner exchange programmes that you can join. A couple of good examples of banner exchange programme include Trade Banner Ads and 1800 Banner Exchange.

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