How To Use Ben Nye Make Up

Ben Nye makeup, which was introduced in 1930’s, has achieved immense popularity in recent times. Due to its impressive quality and relatively effortless use, Ben Nye makeup is considered to be one of the most preferred choices for artists around the globe. In addition, it is the most preferred makeup used in entertainment industry everywhere in the world, as there are several variations available in the Ben Nye makeup.

Although there are several saloons that can apply the Ben Nye makeup, one can use it all by him/herself at home as well.

Things Required:

Facial cleanser
Face moisturizer
Cosmetic brushes/applicators
Cosmetics for your particular look
Makeup remover


  • 1

    Take the facial cleanser, and wash your face. Dry your face by gently patting dry towel on your face. Now take the moisturiser, and gently apply it. Let it dry for around 5 minutes before moving on towards the next step.

  • 2

    Take a clean sponge, and start applying foundation over your face. Take loose powder that perfectly matches to your skin tone. Cover your entire face with it apart from your lips with the help of a cosmetic brush.

  • 3

    Start applying makeup for the particular look you want to make. Make sure that you use appropriate brushes for that particular look, as it will enhance the makeup quality.

  • 4

    If you are applying makeup for non-character, then it is recommended that your focus is entirely on accentuating your facial features. Start by applying the Ben Nye’s black eye-liner. Close your eye, and hold your eyelid. Draw a straight line right over your lash line with the help of your other hand. Do not let eyelid open up after applying the liner for at least 5 seconds. Repeat the process on the other eye as well. After applying eyeliner, take your preferred Ben Nye’s blush, and apply it over your cheeks. After that, take your preferred Ben Nye’s lipstick, and start applying it on your lips.

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