How to Use Body Fat Calipers

When determining if you are overweight or not, body fat percentage gives a better measurement than weight. Remember that the scale does not treat the body fat and lean body mass differently, but body fat calipers consider all sorts of things. These calipers measure body fat through the layers of skin all over your body. They also depict an accurate look at your body’s total fat percentage. Also know that this is the most precise method to determine your body fat. On the other hand, it is also very inexpensive but you should know how to use body fat calipers properly.


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    Buy good quality skinfold calipers

    Spend money on some top quality skinfold calipers. This is because other inexpensive or poorly crafted body fat calipers do not have enough tension control required. Calipers that are advised by professionals include Hardened skinfold calipers, Lafayette skinfold calipers, Lange calipers, Slim guide skinfold calipers and Accu Measure body fat clippers. The last calipers are described as fit in order for self testing. Moreover, high quality calipers will give a more accurate result than the cheap ones. Therefore, it is recommended by experts to invest in good skinfold calipers.

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    Learn how to make use of them

    You should be experienced enough to use body fat calipers with good effect. We all know that it takes ample time and experience to excel at using calipers with accuracy when measuring the body fat percentage. As a result of this, you should get hold of this skill first. Testers normally give different results. Therefore, it is vital to use the same man and kind of skinfold calipers to get coherent results. Also make sure you measure body fat at the exact time every time you take the test. This is because body fat varies a little during the day mostly due to fluids present in the body.

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    Calculate skinfold measurements

    The most common areas where you need to take the measurements are triceps, biceps, shoulder blade and waist or abdomen. For triceps, determine the measurement in the middle of the back of the upper arm and the same goes for biceps as well. Take a measurement a bit below the shoulder blade and for waist region, get a measurement between the hip bone and the belly button. Also take skinfold measurements in the above mentioned areas, and know that calipers generally measure in millimetres for future reference.

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