How to Use Chalkboard Paint on Wood

Over the years, use of chalkboard paint for painting wooden objects has become increasingly common. If you are planning to use chalkboard paint for painting anything wooden, rest assured that the task is simple and is quite identical to using any other paint type for the aforesaid purpose. Moreover, you will not need any expensive or specialised tools which means using chalkboard on wood will not cost too much.

Things Required:

– Undercoat or primer
– Chalkboard paint (acrylic or oil-based)
– Sugar soap
– Sandpaper
– Damp cloth
– Soft, dry cloth
– Masking tape
– Mineral turpentine


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    Start by removing loose wood splinters from the wood on which you plan to use chalkboard paint. Use sandpaper to sand uneven spots until the entire surface is properly smooth. If the wooden item you are planning to paint has handles attached to it, you will need to remove the handles. Get of dirt and debris accumulated on the wood with a sugar soap solution. Allow time for the wood to dry and then block off areas that you do not want to paint with masking tape.

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    Apply a thin, uniform coat of wood primer or undercoat to the wooden surface you wish to paint. Wait until the undercoat or primer dries (check for manufacturer guidelines to determine how much time will be required) and then apply a uniform coat of chalkboard paint in two stages; against the grain and with the grain. The wood surface will be covered in paint during the first stage whereas you will be able to achieve an even finish in the second stage of applying the first chalkboard paint coat.

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    Allow time for the first chalkboard paint to dry completely and then apply a second paint coat as before. You can reattach the handles that you removed earlier after the second chalkboard paint coat dries off.

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    You will need to allow about 48 hours for the paint to dry before you can use the chalkboard. These chalkboards can be cleaned by removing chalk and dust particles using a damp rag when required.

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