How to Use Crackle Paint on Furniture

Crackle Paint gives your furniture a brilliant cracked look. This is a special type of paint that gives an antique look to furniture, walls or any object. It has a very unique painting technique and the best part is that you can determine the colour of cracks you want on the surface. The process involves using a primer on the base. A first coat is applied over the primed surface which is the colour of the cracks. Then you apply the crackle medium and leave it to dry. Finally, the second coat is applied to the surface.


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    Wipe the object you want to paint with foam

    Firmly clean the object you desire to paint with the help of a wet sponge. Dip the sponge in water and wipe the surface to make sure no dirt remains. Thoroughly rub if there are any stains on the surface and leave the object to dry for some time.

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    Use Primer

    Once the surface is dry, apply a coat of primer. Make sure you use a clean brush for this purpose and that all areas of the surface are treated carefully. Leave the primer for at least 30 minutes or until its dry.

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    Apply the first coat

    When the primed area is dry, apply the first coat. The colour of the coat is very important as this will be the crackle finish on your piece of furniture in the end. For example, if you use green coat as the first one and blue coat as the second, there will be green cracks on the surface. So, choose your colours carefully in this regard. Apply the first coat over the prime surface and make sure the coat is even through all areas.

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    Apply crackle medium

    It is always good to leave the first coat to dry overnight. When the paint dries out, use the crackle medium on it. Make sure you use a new or clean brush for this purpose. Apply the crackle medium in an orderly way for best results. For example, if you are applying it horizontally, carry on throughout in the same way. This will give the surface a consistent texture throughout.

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    Apply the final coat

    Leave the crackle medium on the surface for an hour until it dries. After that, apply the final coat of whichever colour you desire. Leave the paint overnight so that it can completely dry off. It will be ready when you see it the next morning.

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