How to Use Dogs to Lower Blood Pressure

Dogs have always been considered a natural way to lower blood pressure, even though there are a number of prescribed medications on the market who are thought to help release stress. It is concluded from more than 25 years of expert research that suggests that the talent of dogs and other animals to lower hypertension and improve the conditions of their owner is amazing. There are many ways that dogs can be utilised to ease hypertension, and most of these species are easy to work within your daily routine. However, buy a dog that fits your profile. For instance, if you are physically strong, only then you can handle a big dog.


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    Try to play with the dog every now and then

    You can lower tension by petting the dog, playing with it and enjoying the attention the animal reciprocates. Stress can cause physical symptoms like increasing blood pressure. You can release the stress of a tiring day by feeling the everlasting love exhibited by the dog. It can also help in other related symptoms. A study displayed that stockbrokers who owned a pet and were suffering from high blood pressure had lower chances to have a stress related problem than those who did not own a pet.

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    Improve anxiety levels

    Pet and interact with your dog if you feel troubled, anxious, panicky or worried in order to lower your anxiety. Dogs can easily lessen anxiety, lowering the fast heart rate resulting from panic attacks and worrying too much due to work related issues. If you feel anxious, swift your attention to the pet and get involved in an act of petting to assist the release of hypertension and other similar symptoms. Make sure, you engage in repetitive exercises to distract yourself from feelings of anxiety.

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    Exercise with the dog

    Make your dog your exercise partner. Do a lot of exercises with the animal in order to improve your cardiovascular health. You can normally lower your blood pressure, by improving your overall health and heart condition. Majority of the dogs are always up for a walk. Therefore, you can take out time from your busy schedule for daily strolls to get involved in regular physical activity. Most importantly, your kids also benefit from playing and interacting with the dog. It is evident in several studies and research that increased activity of owning a pet had a good effect in their blood pressure.

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