How to Use Donations as a Marketing Tactic

As time passes by, the trends of conducting business are also changing. Nowadays, it is mandatory for many large businesses to do charity and help the needy through the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. The idea of donating money and other resources to charitable organisations is used to remain in the good books of the customers, enhance their image and improve sales. However, companies should be really careful while using donations as a marketing tactic otherwise it can dampen the brand image of the company.


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    Make list of charity organisations

    The most important step is to make a list of reputable charitable organisations. Businesses just do not give their money and resources away easily but rather they ensure that their contribution is in good hands and will be used properly. For this, you should browse the internet for such charitable organisations or you can ask your suppliers, customers or stake holders for suggestions. After you have obtained the information, it is strongly advised that you compile it in proper manner so that you could shortlist the organisations later on.

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    Contact charity organisations that publicise information

    Now, you must contact those organisations that publicise the information of their donating partners and acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of their main contributor. For this, you can ask the representatives of a charitable organisation if they have a policy of sharing information. Remember, sharing such information will be the ultimate marketing tool for your company.

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    Contact foundations that do ‘thank you’ advertisements

    You must find foundations that do ‘thank you’ advertisements of their contributors. There are numerous foundations that perform this activity, so all you have to do is to ask the question. Such foundations or organisations have reasonable plans for donations by businesses that will market the company.

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    Advertise your donation

    You must also make appropriate efforts to advertise your donations. For instance, if you donate a specific amount annually or a fixed percentage of your profit, then you should ensure that this is displayed in your advertisement or at the back of your product packaging. The basic goal is that you want your customers to see that you are socially responsible and give money away to charitable causes. You can also use advertising boards or make an ad of your activity, as this will create a positive image and improve your customer base.

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