How to Use Google Base to Drive More Traffic

Google has many valuable applications which you can use to drive more traffic to your website or blog. One of the most extensively used applications include Google Base that is a database in which you can store any kind of content e.g. text, pictures and other structured form of information. Moreover, it is compatible with XML, Excel, WordPerfect, PDF and RTF formats.

Google base has been downgraded to Google Merchant Center since 2010 and if your content is relevant, it may appear on the Google search engine. There are many ways with which you can increase traffic towards your website by using Google Base app. Some of the methods have been discussed in the given steps.


  • 1

    If you have created any kind of eBook, you must try to post its catalogue on the Google Base. In this way, your catalogue will appear on the shopping websites which contain Google Ads or at the Google search engine results and the traffic towards your website or blog will increase.

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    If you have made any software during your college or school, you should upload it on your account on Google Base. You will be able to see potential buyers for that software as it will appear on the search engine results according to its relevance.

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    It is extremely important for you to keep on adding videos on your account so as to maintain your database. If you have any audio files which you can upload on the internet and have unique features, you can upload those files too on the account.

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    Hope you write some articles for your website or blog. If you do, then upload those articles on your Google Base account to attract potential visitors towards your website or blog. If you don’t write any kind of articles, you must at least keep on adding some new information on your website or blog in order to maintain the interest of your audience. You can also post that information on Google Base. Thus, your content will be visible on the search engine and you will be able to attract more traffic to your website.

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    You must make a database for getting reviews of your content, information, videos, audios or other stuff to make your account more interactive.

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