How to Use High Blood Pressure Herbs

High blood pressure which is also known as hypertension can cause a heart attack, stroke, kidney damage and congestive heart failure. Battling this illness is a very tough task altogether. Paying a lot of money for medications and numerous consultations along with totally revamping your diet can take its toll on you and your resources. As a result of this, you should go for a different approach and treat high blood pressure through the use of herbal remedies. Be aware of the fact that herbs will not treat your illness straightaway, but they will lower your blood pressure in the long run. There are several effective ways to use herbs to treat high blood pressure.


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    Hawthorn flowers

    The berries and leaves of hawthorn flowers have the remedy that is offered by the herb. It is usually used for lowering cholesterol level and blood pressure. This is because hawthorn reduces blood pressure by enlarging the blood vessels and decreasing angiotensin converting enzyme, which helps narrow the blood vessels. You can start taking this herb and make it a part of your daily diet by having at least two cups of Hawthorn tea every day.

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    Make use of Alli Satbi Bulbus herb

    Alli Satbi Bulbus is a pharmaceutical name for which is well known as Garlic. Garlic is mostly used as a folk medicinal cure for high blood pressure along with a few other uses according to the Herb Society of America. The use of this herb can lessen the rapid growth of arterial plaque and work to withhold possible growth from happening, provided that you use Garlic in your daily diet. To gain further advantage from garlic use without saturating your meal with the pungent taste, think about having garlic supplements and eating one or two healthy meals every day with a little bit of garlic.

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    This is an herb that is normally known because of its use as curry powder in South Asian dishes. It is really effective in lowering high blood pressure and also adds a flavourful taste in Indian dishes. Turmeric herb is a strong anti inflammatory which assists in unclogging the arteries in your body. As a result of this, it boosts and aids the blood flow in your system. To get further advantages and benefits, just season your meals with it. You can also take curcumin supplements which is the best ingredient in turmeric, or drink turmeric tea.

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