How to Use Lanolin

Lanolin, also called wool wax or wool grease, is a common product used for the treatment of sore nipples. The product is usually used by nursing mothers, who find their nipples get sore and the skin surrounding them dry and cracked. There was a time when lanolin was considered as a bad ingredient to many beauty products. However, lanolin has now turned out as one of the best skin-loving ingredients and is widely used by women around the world.

It may not sound pretty that lanolin comes from the wool of sheep. However, its benefits certainly make it a wonderful thing to be used. Just imagine how sheep keep themselves protected in the rain. They have lanolin in their wool, which prevents the water to soak the wool. On the other hand, if we use wool to make a swim suit, it will not be a wise thing to do, as by the time we get the wool, the lanolin is extracted from it. That lanolin is then used by different companies to create different kind of beauty products.


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    You can easily buy lanolin from a nearby supermarket. You can also buy it from online website, such as eBay, Amazon etc. Lansinoh, Evenflo and Medela are some of the renowned lanolin brands available in the market. Make sure you buy lanolin for the time duration that you are breastfeeding.

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    Take a small amount of lanolin and put it on your fingers. Now slowly massage it on your nipple and the skin around it. Make sure you use enough lanolin to cover all the affected area.

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    You can now feed the baby while lanolin applied on your nipples. Do not worry as lanolin does not contain any additives and is not harmful for your baby. In fact, you can breastfeed your baby right after you apply lanolin on your breasts.

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    Every time you get finished with breastfeeding, repeat the process of applying lanolin on your nipples and the area around it. Keep using the product throughout your nursing period, as it will greatly prevent your nipples to get sore. Moreover, you will feel relaxed when breastfeeding your child.

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    Apart from using it on the nipples, Lanolin can also be used in other parts of the body as a moisturiser. It will soften your dry and rough skin. You can also use it to condition your hands, nails, elbows and other parts of the body.

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