How to Use SD Card with Macbook Pro

The Macbook Pro laptop computer made by Apple Computers has only a few models that give an SD card slot (which in other models takes the place of the ExpressCard slot). SD cards are multimedia data storage cards that support digital media like photos, music, video and other files. They are mostly found as removable memory in digital cameras, cell phones, handheld video game devices and other electronic devices. Before the SD card slot option on the Macbook Pro, you would need to buy a USB adapter to plug the SD card into or would have to connect the digital device or camera yourself to the laptop.


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    SD card sizes

    Apply claims that the dimensions of the SD card slot can hold a card up to 32 mm by 24 mm by 2.1 mm which is a set size of an SD card. Micro SD and MiniSD cards can be put into a plastic adapter sleeve (that normally comes with these memory cards) and then the whole thing is slid into the slot. Adapters or cards that are bigger than the standard size can damage the card slot and should not be inserted under any circumstances.

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    How to place the SD card?

    The card needs to be inserted face down and slid into the opening. When the card is in order, the laptop will detect the card just like it would detect a USB device or removable hard drive. Remember that the card might extend beyond the slot. Moreover, the metal contacts on the SD card needs to be on the downside when placing the card. On the other hand, Macbook Pro detects the card very quickly and within the timeframe of a second or two. A removable drive will also be shown on your Mac OS X desktop.

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    How to open the files on the card?

    The simplest way to access the contents is to click twice on the removable drive icon that shows on your desktop when you place the card. The icon will appear such as a white hard disk drive on its own. If you have set a name for the SD card or it was named by the device it itself, the name should display under the icon. Click twice on the icon to open “Finder” and you should be able to see the contents on the SD card. Opening a file will start the particular program you want to see.

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