How to Use Soccer Slang

Soccer, which is known as football outside America, is the most famous sport all over the world with followers in countries which don’t even have their own national teams. This is considered as one of the most competitive sports of our time and also the richest game. Given their staggering salaries, soccer players make the richest sportsmen around the world. However, the USA is still catching up with soccer, since basketball, NFL and baseball are their major sports.

Soccer has its own slangs, and you would do good to understand them before you start using them. However, these slangs are very easy and you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure them out. Keep reading this article to learn how to use soccer slang.


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    Header is a popular soccer slang and you do not have to be a brain surgeon to figure out when and where to use it. When you hit the soccer ball with your head, you simply call it a header. This is also a very popular way of scoring goals, especially in corners.

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    A very powerful and low shot which blazes across the field and catches the opposition's defense off guard is called a "worm burner". The shot gets its name from the fact that it is so close to the grass that it could burn a worm.

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    Dribbling in soccer has a different meaning as compared to the meaning it holds in basketball since everyone knows that soccer players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands. Here, the player has to kick the ball gently right in front of him/her to move ahead.

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    The term 'attack' in soccer does not mean any physical contact, instead it means that the attacking team is showing aggression on the field and is pushing for a goal. The whole team has to contribute towards an attack and make sure the ball gets through the opposition's defenses.

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    The bicycle kick is a shot that some of the finest footballers are known to have made their trademark. This kicks has nothing to do with two wheels or a bicycle. The player simply jumps and does a back flip in order to kick the ball, mimicking a cycling motion, hence the name.

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